Who is Sofindev

Sofindev is an independent private equity firm, investing in Belgian small and medium sized enterprises since 1991.

Sofindev was founded by Sofina and Colruyt in 1991 and is therefore one of the oldest independent private equity funds in Belgium. Since 1991, the Sofindev shareholders have invested more than 150 MEUR through 3 funds: Sofindev I, Sofindev II (°2002) and Sofindev III (°2006) in more than 40 Belgian companies. In May 2015, a new Sofindev fund, Sofindev IV, has been created.

Sofina and Colruyt, the founders of Sofindev, have been the cornerstone investors in Sofindev funds for more than 25 years. Both companies are listed on Euronext Brussels. Sofina is a Belgian listed financial holding company with the Boël family as reference shareholder. Colruyt Group is one of the largest food retail groups in Belgium, with the Colruyt family as reference shareholder. The Colruyt family is also a direct investor in Sofindev funds through the family investment company Korys.

Since 2002, the capital of the Sofindev funds has been progressively opened to other investors, sharing the same vision as Sofina and Colruyt of investment in sustainable value creation. Since Sofindev II was created in 2002, Imocobel, owned by the De Clercq family, founders of Interparking have joined and in Sofindev III, a fourth group of investors entered the capital through August Private Equity in 2011. August Private Equity groups the interests of the previous owners of Antwerp-based port logistics company Manuport.

In May 2015, a new fund, Sofindev IV, was created. This fund is backed by the same cornerstone investors who supported Sofindev III (Sofina, Colruyt, Korys Imocobel and August Private Equity) and a group of new investors. Some of the new investors backing Sofindev IV are entrepreneurs and family co-owners of Sofindev portfolio companies.

The Sofindev III and Sofindev IV funds are managed by a strong team of committed and experienced investment professionals.